Jennifer Crebbin

My paintings express a connection to all life; sometimes appearing as a grid or Matrix, sometimes as Angels or Spirit Beings, or views from a cosmic perspective. These themes underlie each my paintings.

The Matrix paintings show the underlying fabric of connections between all things on Earth as connecting lines on the canvas. Plants, animals, humans are all made of the same building blocks. We are old star dust. How could we not be connected?

Spirit beings appear in my paintings, sometimes as standing above a scene like an Archangel spreading her wings in protection.  Spirit Beings can also be seen greeting other forms, standing above or beside them.

The cosmic views similar to the Hubble photos of outer space or from the perspective of high above the Earth looking down, appear in many paintings. These invite you in, draw you into another worldview.

While painting, I love the expressive freedom of just feeling.  Picking a color of paint, and then asking where it belong. The painting emerges from the page. Experimenting with techniques, I explore limits. Painting in totally new ways, I pour, splash, make small and large paintings, and use usual surfaces.  These paintings have grown out of my time in the Lil McGil Abstract Laboratory.

In addition to painting, I teach transformational handwriting. As a life coach and author of Soul Development through Handwriting (SteinerBooks), I offer classes and private coaching to assist people in changing their handwriting to overcome blocks or obstacles to expressing their true Self. At you can sign up for my newsletter, purchase products and find out about classes in person and over the phone.